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Childcare at nursery

Childcare Philosophy

Our philosophy at hdc is to provide families with a caring, stimulating and educational environment from 3 months old to the end of preschool.

We believe each child is unique, and we encourage them to learn at their own pace. Young children have a natural desire to learn, explore and question, at hdc we strive to capture their individual interests and use this to personalise their learning.

Our nursery educators are qualified to a very high standard, 95% of our team hold a level 3 qualification or above in Early Years Education. They take time to develop strong attachments and trusting relationships with both the child and their family. We adhere to the guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, setting high standards for professional conduct and practice. We continuously aim to achieve excellence in all areas of practice and early years provision. We strive to be at the forefront of improving the quality of provision for young children.

Our Promise To You


We treat children, families and staff as individuals and take pride in developing caring and supportive relationships.

Personalised care and education are at the heart of our provision, we believe that the children’s happiness, fun and laughter are key ingredients.


We are a learning organisation, that is at the forefront of improving the quality of our childcare provision.

We set high standards for professional conduct and practice and aim to achieve excellence in all areas.


Children’s progress and well-being, as individuals, is our primary emphases.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is essential to achieving a healthy sense of well-being, this is supported by our whole team.

A Nurturing Daycare Environment

We realise how important it is to encourage healthy living from a young age. Therefore, we have created warm and supportive environments in which children can thrive. Our child-friendly areas are warm, sensory rich environments where their physical and emotional needs are nurtured and embraced.

We decorate our rooms inspired by the "Hygge"; the Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable with feelings of wellness and contentment. With soft and cozy textiles, warm lighting and places to snuggle up, read, play with friends and relax, our interiors have been specifically designed to bring the comforts of home into their daily learning environment.

All of our HDC nurseries in South Devon are small enough to have both a personal and individual approach to your child’s development. However, they are big enough for your child to engage with other children and learn important emotional and social skills. Our nursery environments give children the security and opportunity to discover themselves and learn about their world. Because of this, we have developed different areas throughout our nurseries that allow children to discover, invent, create, connect, grow and rest.

Your child's key person is competently trained in supporting children's attachments both when they start nursery on their first day to when they transition to new rooms. We create opportunities for children to spend time with others and play musical instruments, tell stories, dance, sing, paint, garden, cook and build things. As a result, their imagination, creativity, and self-esteem will continue to grow.


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