Pre-School  (34-48 months)

At Humpty Dumpty Childcare we understand how hard it is to leave your baby with someone who is not a family member. We adopt a key person approach to minimise the number of relationships your child and you need to develop in those early days, with the sole purpose of making it easier to leave them with us. We have a minimum 2 day booking requirement, research and experience has shown us that children who have regular contact with their secondary care giver settle quickly and build strong, professional relationships with them. This in turn minimises the anxiety the child experiences and enables them to quickly feel confident and at ease in the nursery.

As children approach their third birthday, after a discussion with parents/carers, children will start a transition period from the toddler room into our Pre-School Room. Each nursery has its own dedicated Pre-School Room Leader, they are qualified and experienced educators who delight in meeting the needs of this age range. They focus on the individual child and ensure that learning experiences have the right element of challenge to focus the child’s learning. Our priority is to ensure that every child makes progress and that no child gets left behind.

In the Pre-school Room we focus on both the prime and specific areas of learning – communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts and design. In pre-school children deepen their understanding of questioning, experimenting, observing, playing, testing and responding to each other and adults.

During the Summer Term we focus on ensuring that our summer leavers are fully prepared for starting school. We have excellent links with the local primary schools and liaise with schools and parents to ensure the children’s transition is as smooth as possible.

Children access the garden on a regular basis, and we are fortunate to have gardens and play area at all of our nurseries.

We communicate with parents via Parentzone (an online app), verbally when you drop off and pick up or via home link books. Or a combination of everything, which ensures that developmental information is passed regularly between nursery and home. Your child’s Key Worker will carry out observations and assessments, all of which will be shared on a regular basis with you.

We would always encourage you to visit us, we are confident you will find Humpty Dumpty Childcare to be a caring and nurturing place to leave your child.