Pre-School – 36-48 months

As children approach their third birthday, in discussion with parents/carers and staff, children will start a transition period from the toddler room into our pre-school.

In the pre-school there is a wider focus on specific areas of learning – Literacy, Math, Understanding of the World and Arts as well as emotional wellbeing and developing relationships with their peers.

Our key focus in pre-school is ensuring that all the children are fully prepared for starting school. We have excellent links with the local primary schools, and liaise with schools and parents to ensure the children’s transition is as smooth as possible.

In pre-school children deepen their understanding of questioning, experimenting, observing, playing, testing and responding to each other and adults. We offer flexible sessions to ensure we are available when you need us.

Children are given extensive access to the garden. We are fortunate to have extensive gardens and play area at all of our nurseries.

At this stage of development children are given a greater degree of choice about the activities they would like to be involved in. Fundamental to your child’s enjoyment at pre-school is our mutual encouragement and reinforcement of good behaviour and learning.

All Humpty Dumpty Childcare staff are dedicated to their own professional development to ensure we continue to offer the very best environment for our young children.