Toddlers 24-36 Months

Children are encouraged to explore and mix together learning through play. In the toddlers room children have a little more structure to their day and continue their learning through activities and experiences.

Our Toddler team leaders are passionate about the children in their care, who ensure their team are focusing on the key areas of development including moving, talking and pretending. Children at this age show greater confidence and begin to be accomplished at developing relationships with the other children in the setting.

The toddler facilities are divided into different areas, allowing a combination of messy activities: arts and crafts, play dough, cornflower and many more but also quieter activities including role-play, book and cosy corner and construction. Children also enjoy playing with sand, water play, science and nature, music and movement and maths and ICT. We have a sleep room for those children who need a nap during the day. Although encouraged to explore the world around them toddlers are free to do so at their own pace.

At Humpty Dumpty Childcare we believe that outside fresh are and play are important for a child’s wellbeing. Toddlers are given extensive access to the garden given them an outdoor extension to their indoor activities. During the early years in toddlers children will begin to transition from nappies to be confident using the toilet. Whatever the challenge, you can be assured that our staff are well trained, motivated and committed and work alongside parents/carers during this transition.

Although the toddler’s day is more structured there is no pressure on the children and they learn and develop at their own pace. To learn and develop children first to be happy and content, which is always our first concern.