The Importance of Empowering Children

The Importance of Empowering Children

Confidence and self-esteem enable children to feel happy.

At Humpty Dumpty Childcare, we will always want the best outcomes for the children we care for and educate. We want to see our little explores flourish and reach their full potential.

Staff from all our nurseries recently attended a training session on ‘Empowering Early Years’ delivered by the Early Years’ teacher, trainer and higher education lecturer (FdA Early Childhood), Hannah O’Donnell, from

Young children learn and develop effectively through being engaged in high-quality play and fun so that they can explore, be active, hypothesise, develop ideas, be creative and develop their sense of self and a life-long love of learning. At Humpty Dumpty Childcare we believe passionately in providing learning opportunities which are fun, exciting and hugely impactful for all aspects of a child’s life now and for their future. To empower children is to guide them to feel valued, capable and to realise they play the role of creator in their own lives and futures.

Here are 5 reasons why we should empower children:

Grow confidence and self-esteem
Confidence and self-esteem enable children to feel happy and comfortable with who they are, as well as try new things. They are more likely to manage their own behaviour.

Encourage independence
Allowing children to have a say in their lives and make choices that affect them helps them to be independent.

Build resilience
Empowerment is a key factor in building resilience, which enables children to bounce back from whatever life throws their way.

Develop self-respect
When children understand that they are powerful creators in their own worlds, they develop a sense of self-respect. Self-respect enables children to better respect and value others.

Make them better learners
A confident, independent child has the best chance of being an effective learner and shaping a fantastic future for themselves.

How to empower children

+ Celebrate accomplishments

+ Involve children in family life

+ Lead by example

+ Support and guide children on their journey


Let’s empower children today and help them to become more resilient, effective learners. What better way to set them on a path to reach their full potential?

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