Our Food Philosophy

Our children receive a carefully designed menu of wholesome and largely organic foods as part of a balanced diet.

Learning healthy eating habits in the early years is one of the most important parts of a healthy and active lifestyle as they grow. We actively teach children about the importance of healthy eating, and our daily menus always include a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Emma Young, Registered Nutritionist BSc (Hons)

Healthy eating habits at nursery

We work with Emma Young, former Nutritionist at Aldi UK who has worked with the Office British Dietetic Association, the British Nutrition Foundation, Vegan and Vegetarian Society and various other organisations such as the Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour at Oxford University. Emma has joined our team to ensure that we deliver a tasty, healthy and balanced menu that supports every child's developmental needs.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and health snacks in the morning and  afternoon. We offer a weaning menu for our babies aged 6 months - 10 months.

We accommodate all diets & special requirements.  We offer a weaning menu as well as offering a balanced mix of plant-based dishes and are working towards a largely organic menu.