Should we take a little glitter out of life and add some sparkle to our oceans?

The Glitter Debate

Children love glitter and we love creating cards and crafts with them. However, what you may not know is that glitter is a microplastic; it ends up in the oceans and is consumed by animal life and eventually our children!

Although, compared to the enormous quantity of plastic winding up in the oceans glitter is likely to be only a small part of the problem. Personal care products, household cleaners and tyre wear making up the majority of this pollution.

We are sure you have all noticed that when the children bring their carefully crafted artworks the glitter flies off in the car, in the house and even covers the cat and dog. Where does all this glitter end up? In our oceans.

So will stopping to use glitter make any difference?

Well we believe it will make a huge difference. Firstly, directly in the reduction of pollution. There are 22,000 nurseries in the UK using massive amounts of glitter. That’s not taking into account all the glitter used at home. But the real opportunity is in educating our children about the environment and how to protect it. A simple act of ridding our nurseries of plastic glitter could educate a whole generation of people who care about our oceans and planet.

But we want your opinion. Is it more important to give children glitter to play with or protect the oceans – have your say.

If you want to rid your home of glitter please don’t wash your glitter down the sink, that’s the problem! Seal the glitter and dispose of it in the bin. If the glitter is in a liquid it can be strained through a coffee filter and disposed of, or of course, stick it to a final great creation.

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