Learning In The Moment

We believe that nursery is more than daycare - it's the start of your child's education, preparation for school, and the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. At hdc we believe that we can inspire everyone to be the best that they can be and greet every day with a smile, because we do the best job in the world - we care for the future.

We have developed a teaching philosophy based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum that blends influences from Anna Ephgrave "In the moment philosophy" which is based on children learning in the "here and now". We incorporate many aspects of theories relating to how children learn which include Elinor Goldschmied who pioneered treasure baskets, treasure play and the key person system. We provide a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn and develop their interests through play.

Our learning experiences are designed to support the EYFS Educational programme by promoting learning through purposeful play.


Healthy Lifestyle

Food, Exercise, Well-Being, Oral Health, Outdoors, Growing, Yoga, Physical Activities, Personal Safety


Competent Communicators

Speaking, Singing, ICAN, Letters and Sounds, Mark Making, Early Literacy, Love of Books and Reading, Environmental Literacy


Develop Meaningful, Happy and Harmonious Relationships

Respect, Self-Confidence, Co-operative Play, Self-Regulation, Secure Attachments, Emotional Literacy, Parent Partnership, Responsible Citizens, Staff Have In-Depth Knowledge of Child


Independent and Resilient

Self-Help Skills, Toileting, Eating, Expressing Wishes, Concentration, Engagement, Accessing Resources and Tidying Up, Ability To Make Decisions Based On Risk/Benefit, Curiosity


Purposeful Play and Meaningful Experiences

Learning Through Play and Routine Experiences, Child At The Centre, Enabling Environments, Develop Child's Curiosity, STEAM Activities


Culture Of Excellence

Supporting Our Team's Continuous Development, Improving Outcomes For Children, Inclusion, Research Alternative Approaches and Theories

"We ensure that all children are provided with the highest quality early learning experience. This is extremely important as children's engagement in early learning experiences and opportunities will impact upon their attitude and success as a lifelong learner."


Senior Nursery Educator