Learning to Learn

“How to Learn” boosts children’s development – Meta Cognition

Children as young as three can benefit from developing how to learn skills, which can boost children’s attainment by seven months, according to new research.

When a child starts to understand their own way of thinking it is called meta Cognition.

There are seven practical, evidence-based recommendations to support teachers. The report contains a number of myth busters.

So what is the benefit of Learning to Learn?

During the child’s early development this could mean that they develop different strategies to remember shapes, letters and ultimately become more literate.

It was previously thought that these learning skills could only be applied to older children. But this new report destroys that myth, suggesting children as young as three would benefit. The children who have learnt these skills show greater attention, recognition and retention. The report is aimed at teachers and childcare professionals, but we thought our parents would benefit from having access to it. The report can be found here: Metacognition and self-regulated learning.

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