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Should children use sippy cups and sports bottles?

We understand the benefits of sippy cups and sports bottles, to prevent spills and mess, but do they have an impact on our little ones? Sippy cups and sports bottles require the child to suck to make them work. This means the baby or toddler isn’t making the necessary transition to sipping.

What should a baby or toddler drink from?

A free-flow feeder cup is better, as it doesn’t have valves and the flow of liquid is unrestricted. This means that children learn to drink normally. At Humpty Dumpty Childcare, we try to encourage all our children to drink from an open top cup – from weaning age to starting school.

The NHS website supports our policy: “it’s a good idea to introduce a cup rather than a bottle from about six months. By the time your baby is one, they should have stopped using bottles with teats”.

The NHS then goes on to encourage the use of open top cups “using an open cup or a free-flow cup without a valve will help your baby learn to sip rather than suck, which is better for their teeth”.

So where does all this advice about drinking cups get us?

We have a wide range of open top cups available at nursery and drinking water is always available. But we need your help, we would kindly ask not to provide your children with sippy cups and drinking bottles when they come to nursery and if possible restrict their use at home, sorry for the odd spill but their teeth with thank you!

Our Bottles cups and dummies policy.

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