Dartington Nursery

Our beautiful children's nursery in Dartington  is just a few miles from Totnes, and is registered with Ofsted to provide quality childcare and pre-school education for children aged 3 months – 5 years. Located just 9 minutes away from the A38 with easy access from places like Ivybridge, Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Broadhempston, Berry Pomeroy, Harbertonford and Littlehampton.

Ofsted Good Provider

Dartington Nursery
Address: Gidleys Meadow, Dartington TQ9 6JZ
Hours: 7:30 - 18:00

Our beautiful children's nursery in Dartington is just a few miles from Totnes, and is registered with Ofsted to provide quality childcare and pre-school education for children aged 3 months – 5 years. Located just 9 minutes away from the A38 with easy access from places like Ivybridge, Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Broadhempston, Berry Pomeroy, Harbertonford and Littlehampton.

Our nursery educators are passionate about early-years education and provide exceptional care for your little ones. The staff are kindhearted, and professional which makes hdc Dartington feel like an extension of the family home.

We provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment which provides a perfect start for your child’s learning journey. We offer preschool education and day care to children from infants all the way through to starting school. We divide our nursery into groups depending on the age and development level of the individual child.

We are very proud of the extensive grounds which surround our Dartington nursery. It has been divided into learning and play areas to allow the nursery educators to create independent space for our babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It also provides safe opportunities to encourage risk and challenge as appropriate.

Now offering Enhanced Settle Sessions* 

Are you thinking about your return to work?  

Or are wanting your baby to socialise with others?  

Worried your baby will not settle into nursery? 

At hdc we understand that 2020 was not a normal year for families with new babies, there was very limited opportunity for new parents to join groups, meet up with family and friends and as a result some babies are, understandably, cautious around new people.

To support families who are now needing to consider returning to work or simply wanting to introduce their baby to other children, hdc Dartington is offering Enhanced Settle Sessions* for babies under 2.

Enhanced Settle Sessions are a two-month period where you can leave your little one for two or three half days a week whilst you build up to full days.

Your nursery manager and baby's key person will work with you and your baby throughout these enhanced settle sessions to ease your baby into nursery life.

Our Enhanced Settle Sessions will be offered to families with children under two who feel their child would benefit from an extended settling period, giving both you and your baby that valuable, additional time to build relationships with both the nursery and your child’s key worker. Our aim is to give you the confidence to return to work, study, etc. and give your baby the best possible start to nursery life.

To learn more, please fill out an enquiry and our nursery manager will return your call.

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Parent Testimonials

'I highly recommend hdc Dartington. The staff are enthusiastic and friendly and they communicate well with parents about what your child has been doing and how they are getting on developmentally. They offer plenty of messy play opportunities and time outside in the great garden.'

'We couldn’t be happier with a childcare provider. Going back to work was a big worry and the wonderful atmosphere and nurturing team at hdc made it just so easy. Our 1 year old gets her coat and shoes every morning, ready to head off for the day. She comes back happy and worn out from all the fun. There is a great focus on outdoor play, which we really value and the relationships that she has built with her minders is like family.'

'My child has been with hdc since he was 15 months old and will be leaving for school this year. He has had a wonderful time in all 3 rooms and developed great relationships with staff and lots of friends in his class. The nursery helped settle him in really well which made it much easier to leave him, he has grown up and gained lots of useful knowledge and skills for the future.'

'We would definitely recommend HDC nursery and pre-school at Dartington. The staff are really warm, friendly and engaging. Our eldest is visibly excited when he arrives and is really talkative and happy when we pick him up. Our youngest in the baby room has made some lovely bonds with staff. We feel very lucky to have found this fantastic setting!'

Dartington nursery is second to none, if you are looking for a nursery for your child this is the one. Our son has developed so well since arriving at this nursery at the beginning of 2020 I can not thank the staff enough.

'Our son is so happy at hdc Dartington. It's wonderful to know that he's getting brilliant care, healthy meals and a lovely environment to develop in.'

'HDC is the perfect fit for my 2 year old. He is supported, cared for, encouraged to be creative and constantly given encouragement. The staff are extremely friendly and approachable and genuinely seem to value my child’s individuality. It’s a really happy nursery.'

'HDC made the process of my child starting nursery much easier and I'm really pleased I chose to go with them. The menu, play offered and staff are brilliant.'

Our Rooms

Under 2's: 3  - 21 months

Our infant spaces are split across two rooms which allows for the younger babies to explore and develop in a cosy and calm surrounding. Our larger, under 2’s room provides ample amount of space for exploring. It leads directly onto a private decking area which gives the children plenty of fresh air and free movement.

Toddlers: 22 - 34 months

Our Toddler space is equipped with a large variety of toys and natural objects to encourage your child's curiosity. The room has a large outdoor space which is designed to offer a safe environment for exploration and challenge. Because the room has it's own toilet area, children feel comfortable as they move to potty-training.

Preschool: 3 & 4 years

Our Preschool room is the last stop before they head off to reception. The pre-school day is a mix of child led play and adult led activities. As we plan in the moment and follow the children’s interests, their own curiosity spurs on their individual learning. The staff actively support independence within the room. Our preschool children love to plant and watch their vegetables grow as they learn about the natural environment.

Dartington Nursery Educators and Staff