Kingsteignton Nursery

Welcome to our purpose-built children's nursery in Kingsteignton located on Heron Way, Kingsteignton, near Newton Abbot. Our nursery adjoins the newly built Kingsteignton School and is registered with Ofsted to provide quality preschool education and childcare for children aged 3 months – 5 years. We provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment which provides a perfect start for your child’s learning journey.

Limited Spaces Available

We recommend getting in touch with us right away if you would like to secure a place for your child at our hdc Kingsteignton nursery. Places are very limited.

Kingsteignton Nursery
Address: Heron Way, Kingsteignton TQ12 3QY
Hours: 7:30 - 18:00

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Event: Preschool Mini Adventures

Such an easy and fun way for you and your child to experience hdc Kingsteignton nursery! Have a look around and take part in educator-led themed activities. If you are considering a preschool , this is a great way to introduce your child to our preschool and have a look yourself.

When: Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 10 AM – 12 PM
Price: Free
Duration: 2 hr

Our newly purpose-built children's nursery in Kingsteignton is located on Heron Way in Kingsteignton, near Newton Abbot. The nursery is just 3 minutes away from the A380 and 9 minutes from Newton Abbot, with easy access from Sandygate, Teigngrace, Gappah and Olchard. The nursery is also easily accessibly from Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay. Our nursery adjoins the newly-built Kingsteignton Primary School and is registered with Ofsted to provide quality preschool education and childcare for children aged 3 months – 5 years. We offer a safe, nurturing, professional and stimulating environment which provides a perfect start for your child’s learning journey.

We offer preschool education and day care to children from infants all the way through to starting school. We divide our nursery into groups depending on the age and development level the individual child.

Kingsteignton’s nursery educators are highly qualified, full of passion and eager to facilitate your child’s learning and development. Children at Kingsteignton are given the freedom and opportunity to explore – learning through their play, whilst receiving all the nurturing and care they require to have a full and purposeful day at nursery.

Kingsteignton nursery has amazing facilities that are specifically designed to recognise the needs of children ageing from 3 months to 5 years old. Our incredible outdoor space, boasting a separate soft play area, allows children of all ages to engage with their learning in the outdoors as much as possible. Your little one will be cared for, loved and nurtured throughout their time with us, mimicking a home-from-home experience, maximising learning opportunities and development.

Kingsteignton nursery also offers an invigorating Breakfast Club, a relaxing After School Club, and an exciting Holiday Club for school children aged between 4-11 years old.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Kingsteignton hdc.

Now offering Enhanced Settle Sessions

Are you thinking about your return to work?  

Or are wanting your baby to socialise with others?  

Worried your baby will not settle into nursery? 

At hdc we understand that 2020 was not a normal year for families with new babies, there was very limited opportunity for new parents to join groups, meet up with family and friends and as a result some babies are, understandably, cautious around new people.

To support families who are now needing to consider returning to work or simply wanting to introduce their baby to other children, hdc Kingsteignton is offering Enhanced Settle Sessions* for babies under 2.

Enhanced Settle Sessions are a two-month period where you can leave your little one for two or three half days a week whilst you build up to full days.

Your nursery manager and baby's key person will work with you and your baby throughout these enhanced settle sessions to ease your baby into nursery life.

Our Enhanced Settle Sessions will be offered to families with children under two who feel their child would benefit from an extended settling period, giving both you and your baby that valuable, additional time to build relationships with both the nursery and your child’s key worker. Our aim is to give you the confidence to return to work, study, etc. and give your baby the best possible start to nursery life.

To learn more, please fill out an enquiry and our nursery manager will return your call.

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Parent Testimonials

'HDC has been a fantastic nursery from the start, the settling in sessions really helped with the transition, staff have been friendly and incredibly helpful with all the little requests. I love how happy my child is to go into nursery and see him develop week on week. Thank you HDC.'

'A convenient excellent nursery (located next to a great primary school) so hopefully my little man will make friends with children who will also go to the school (like my 4 year old did) with exceptional staff who communicate brilliantly and my little boys smile as he comes out says it all he has had a great day.'

'If you are looking for a friendly, supportive and nurturing environment for your child, we would fully recommend Humpty Dumpty. Having never sent a child to nursery before, we were nervous initially, especially given the current situation. We needn’t have worried as we know our daughter spends her day in such a safe and fun environment. She clearly loves going to nursery and has really flourished. I love how well informed the nursery keeps us parents too.'

'HDC has been a brilliant setting for our two children. Their care, flexibility and professionalism has been exemplary and it has been so reassuring to know that are children are both happy, engaged and enjoying their time with you.'

'HDC Kingsteignton have been brilliant at meeting the needs of our family-they are so friendly and work with you to try and meet the individual needs of your little one. Just want you want from a nursery!'

Our Rooms

Under 2's: 3 - 21 months

We provide a relaxing, child-centred and stimulating space for your infant. Our educators are specifically trained in under 2’s child care and development – ensuring that we implement tailored learning experiences and opportunities to support your child’s natural curiosity from day one. We have adopted a key person approach, after Elinor Goldschmied’s famous theory, in order to minimise the number of relationships your child needs to develop in those early stages, with the sole purpose of making the transition from home into nursery easier. Focusing on the prime areas of development and following the EYFS learning framework, our educators ensure that we have established stable building blocks for your child to reach their fullest capabilities as the grow and flourish in our nursery.

Toddlers: 22 - 34 months

Centred in the middle of our nursery to emphasise your child’s broadening development and growth, leaders and educators are qualified, experienced and passionate about your rising 2 year old. Following the EYFS curriculum, our educators cater to these children’s increasing confidence and we encourage, model and demonstrate to assist the children in investigating and exploring the world around them. Educators further their curious minds and allow for a mixture of child-led and adult-led learning in order to extend their interests and develop their understanding through play.

Preschool: 3 & 4 years

Our preschool room is led by our dedicated preschool room leader, qualified and experienced to support and enhance each child in their individuality and independence. Focusing on Anna Ephgrave’s theory of ‘In the moment planning’ the children receive an increased element of challenge and focus to achieve their highest potential before leaving for school. Our priority is to ensure children lead their own learning through self-directed play, facilitated by our educators, creating happy memories through their curious minds. Transitions from our toddler room to our preschool room are seamless and children are able to get to know their new key person and preschool room thoroughly before moving up, whilst having discussions with parents – ensuring we keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

Kingsteignton Nursery Educators and Staff

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